A Edit

Aggressive: (model) must allocate more dice to Attack than Defence during Melee Exchanges.

Ammo (X): (model) starts with X Ammo tokens. When it resolves a Ranged Attack action, remove -1 Ammo Token. If (model) has no Ammo tokens, it may not declare Ranged Attack actions.  

Armour (X): Reduce Damage Roll results against (model) by X. 

Armour Piercing (Weapon Type): (model) (Weapon Type) Damage Rolls, ignores the Defenders’ Armour trait. 

Assault Fire: (model) may make a Ranged Attack at Short Range as part of a Melee/ Charge action, provided it didn't activate in BtB with the target. If the Target is removed from play by the Ranged Attack, this model’s activation ends. The model suffers a -­1 penalty to its MS and RAS if it uses this trait.  

Assassin: If (model) successfully Attacks a Surprised model, rolls 3d6 and use the highest 2 dice for the Damage Roll. 

Automatic Disengage: When (model) activates, it ignores Enemy models in BtB when declaring its action and may freely move out of BtB with Enemy models without declaring a Disengage. 

Aware: (model)’s LoS extends 360 degrees around its base. 

B Edit

Believer (X/Type/Y): Friendly models within X" of, Type reduce the cost of their Ki Feats by Y.  

Blood of Orochi (X): During Ki gen, total all the Blood of Orochi values of models currently under your Control. You may then spend from this total to grant models the Poison trait until the End Phase. The Poison's X and Y values depend on the number deducted, and are as follows: 

  1. = Poison (1/1)
  2. = Poison (1/2)
  3. = Poison (2/1)
  4. = Poison (2/2)

If a model already has the Poison trait, the player chooses which to use that Turn. Unspent points are lost. 

Bodyguard (X/Type): If an Enemy model moves into BtB with a Friendly (Type), or Targets it with a Ranged Attack during its activation, this model may switch positions with the Friendly model if the following conditions are met: 

  • The Friendly model is within X" and in LoS. 
  • The Friendly model was not in BtB with an Enemy model at the start of the activation. 
  • This model is not in BtB with an Enemy model. 
  • This model is not Exhausted. 

Any Melee Exchanges and Ranged Attacks are then resolved using this model as the Target.  

Bravery: (model) may reroll each of (his/her/ their) failed Fear test once. 

Brutal (X): Add +X to (model)'s highest ATK dice when calculating its final Attack result. 

C Edit

Camouflage (X): Enemies cannot Target or enter BtB with (model) while (she/he/it) is benefiting from Cover, unless the Enemy activates within X" or has Sixth Sense. 

Channel (X): During (model)’s activation, it may remove X of its Ki Tokens to distribute them to any Friendly model(s) within X". If the model is outside of this range then the Ki Tokens are discarded. 

Charging Bonus (Bonus): When (model) makes a Charge action, it gains (bracketed Bonus) until the current activation ends. 

Command (X/Type): (Model) takes a Simple action to choose 0-X non-­Exhausted Friendly models of the Type. These models each perform a Simple action, and activate in the order chosen by their Controller. After each action resolves, that model’s Condition worsens by one degree. 

Conspiracy of the Cult (X): When (model) activates, it may inflict up to X wounds that ignore Toughness on any Friendly model(s) including itself that have this trait to gain Ki Tokens equal to the wounds inflicted. 

Co­-ordinated Attack (Type): If (model) is in a Melee Exchange where a Friendly (Type) is Out Numbering the target, (this model) gains +1 MS. A model can only benefit from this trait once per Melee Exchange. 

Cowardly: (model) must reroll each successful Fear test once.

Cumbersome: (model) suffers -1 MS if it is not the Active model. 

D Edit

Defensive: This model must allocate more dice to Defence than its Attack during Melee Exchanges.

Disturb Flow (X/Y): Enemies within Y" of (model) must spend an extra +X Ki Tokens to perform Ki Feats. 

Dodge (X): Once during a Melee Exchange, (model) may re-roll 0-X of its Opponent's Attack. 

Durable: When (model) would suffer more than 1 wound, it only suffers -1 wound. If it would recover wounds, it only recovers +1 wound.  

E-F Edit

Elusive: (model) ignores Enemy models’ ZoC during its movement. 

Fear (X): When a model makes a Fear Test against (model), X is the TN for the test. Models automatically pass Fear tests with a Target Number equal or lower than their Fear (X) trait. Fear tests are Target tests using the model’s Ki Stat to resolve.  

Resolve a Fear test when:  

  1. The Active model declares an action that would bring it into BtB with an Enemy model with the Fear trait. If the Active model fails the Fear test its Condition worsens by one degree regardless of the action declared (see Model States and Conditions) and its activation ends. 
  2. The Active model with the Fear trait declares an action that would bring it into BtB with an Enemy model. If the Enemy fails the Fear test then it becomes Frightened in step 2. 

Fearless: (model) automatically succeeds Fear tests.

Feint (X): Once during Melee Exchanges, (model) may re-roll 0-X of its Opponent's Defence dice. 

Fire (X/Y): When (model) inflicts wounds with a Melee Exchange or Ranged Attack, the target gains Y Fire markers of value X. 

First Strike: If (model) was not in BtB with an enemy model at the start of the current activation, it gains Initiative for the first Melee Exchange with an Enemy model, unless the enemy has Lightning Reflexes

Flank: When (model) would be Deployed, its may deploy normalally or choose a table edge.  

Starting on Turn 2, at the beginning of each Starting Step before the Ki-gen, roll a D6 and add the game Turn number to the result. If this 5+, immediately deploy the model anywhere along the chosen edge not in the Opponent’s Deployment Zone.  

Rolling a 1 is not a failure for this. 

Fly: When (model) declares a Walk, Run, Melee or Charge, it ignores Terrain elements and other models ZoC for the action - provided the intervening element/s height is not greater than three times its own. 

Force of Will (X): Add +X to (model)'s highest dice rolled when it is the Active model making an Opposed Ki test. 

Forward Deployment: (model) may be placed up to 4" beyond its Deployment Zone when deployed. 

G-H Edit

Group Activation: All models on this card activate in the same single activation; resolving any movement before any Melee Exchanges, which are then resolved in the order their Controller chooses. 

Heal (X): When not in BtB with an Enemy, (model) may declare a Simple action to remove X wounds from the Wound Track of itself or a Friendly model in BtB. 

Heavy: (model) may not take any movement as part of a Ranged Attack action. 

Huge: (model) is the Huge Size. Ranged Attacks targeting this model gain a ­-2 modifier to the Target Number of the test.

I Edit

Immunity (Type): (model) may not gain markers of Type.

Immovable: (model) cannot be moved/ placed by an Enemy Attack, Ki Feat or Unique Effect, and cannot becomes Prone. 

Impenetrable Defence: During (model)’s Melee Exchanges the Enemy must discard its highest Attack die rolled before the final result is calculated.  

Impetuous: (model) must always be acti­vated first by the Controlling player in a Turn, and all Impetuous models in the same Warband must have acti­vated before non-­Impetuous models. If a player Controls several Impetuous models then that player chooses the order in which the Impetuous models activate. After the model’s first activation the player is free to choose when it next activates in the Turn. If a model gains Impetuous during the Turn, then the Controlling player’s next activation must be with that model if that model is able to activate. 

Indomitable (X): (model) ignores X Enemies in BtB when checking for Out Numbering in Melee Exchanges. 

Insignificant: This model:

  • Has no ZoC.
  • Does not count for the sake of causing Out Numbering.
  • May not perform Simple or Complex Scenario actions.

Intangible: (model) ignores ZoC, other models, and Terrain elements during movement and being in BtB when declaring actions. It may not end its move occupying Impassable Terrain or another model. 

Iron Mind (X): (model) adds +X to its highest dice rolled when it participates in an Opposed Ki test when it's not the Active model. 

J-K Edit

Jump Up: At the start of (model)’s activation, before declaring its action, it may remove any Prone markers from itself. 

Kami: When (model) would suffer wounds, instead remove an equal number of Ki Tokens. If (model) has no Ki Tokens it is removed from play. It may not gain or lose Ki Tokens from Channel or Leech, has Immunity (Poison) and (Fire), and cannot be Healed or recover wounds. 

L Edit

Large: (model) is Large. Models Targeting (model) with a Ranged Attack gain a -­1 modifier to the TN of the test. 

Last Stand: If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, it may still be activated until the end of the Turn and is not removed from play. This model cannot recover wounds through any game effects or traits once its wounds have been reduced to 0. During the End Phase, the model is removed from play 

Leadership (X): Friendly models within X" may use (model)’s Ki Stat when resolving Fear tests.

Leap: When (model) declares a Melee, Charge, Walk or Run action, and is not in BtB with an Enemy model. It may, during its movement reduce the distance it would move by X"; X cannot be greater than a model’s base Move Statistic. If so then place this model anywhere within X, the model may not be placed in BtB with an Enemy model or in an Enemy model’s ZoC. The placement cannot cause it to cross over another model or Terrain element with a height greater than twice its own. The model then completes its movement and action. 

Leech (X): Once during (model)’s activation, it may take Ki Tokens from any Friendly model/s within X". If a model is outside this range, its Ki Tokens are lost. 

Light Weight: (model) ignores the modifier for moving during a Ranged Attack action. 

Light Footed: (model)’s treats Difficult Terrain as if it was Normal Terrain. 

Lightning Reflexes: (model) is always the first Attacker in Melee Exchanges, even against models with First Strike. If two models in a Melee Exchange have this trait, neither gains its benefit. 

M-P Edit

Martial Prowess (X): During each Melee Exchange (model) may reroll up to X of its own dice once.  

Medium: This model is a Medium Size. 

Oni Rage: During Ki Gen, this model may gain +d2 Ki Tokens. It also becomes Berserk until the End Phase.  

Order (X/Type/Y): This Complex action improves the Condition of X Friendly (models of the Type) within Y". by one degree (Exhausted – Tired – Rested). 

Parry (X): Add +X to (model)'s highest DEF die rolled when calculating its final Defence result in Melee Exchanges. 

Poison (X/Y): When (model) inflicts wounds with a Melee or Ranged Attack, the target gains Y Poison markers of value X. 

R Edit

Ranged Defence (X): Models making a Ranged Attack against (model) suffer a +X mod to their TN. 

Rapid Fire (X): When (model) declares a Ranged Attack, it may resolve up to X Ranged Attacks. These may Target different models and are resolved in the order its Controller chooses. (model)’s Condition only worsens by one degree regardless of the number of Ranged Attacks made. 

Regenerate (X): (model) recovers X wounds during the End Phase. 

Reload (X): After (model) makes a Ranged Attack, it gains X Reload markers. Model cannot declare Ranged Attacks while it has Reload markers. 

Retreat: (model) must always declare a Disengage action if it starts its activation in BtB with an Enemy.

Rise (X): When (model) is reduced to 0 wounds, make a Target test with a TN of X. If successful, (model) becomes Prone and recovers all its Wounds. If it fails, remove it from play as normal. 

S Edit

Scout: Add +1 to your Tactical Roll to decide who deploys first.  

Also, (model) may deploy after both player’s normal Deployment anywhere within 4" of its Deployment Zone. If both players have models with Scout, the winner of the Tactical Roll deploys their models with Scout second.  

Self­-Sacrifice (X/Type): If (model) isn't Exhausted or in BtB with an Enemy, and a Friendly (Type) is within X" and has been successfully Attacked, its Controller may choose to remove this model from play to cancel the Damage Roll against the Friendly model. 

Sharp (Melee/Ranged): (model) ignores Armour and Toughness when it succeeds its Attack.

Sixth Sense: (model) cannot be Surprised and ignores the Camouflage trait. 

Slow: (model) is always the second Attacker in Melee Exchanges, and may not declare Run or Charge actions.

Small: (model) is Small sized. Models Targeting it with a Ranged Attack add +1 to the test's TN. 

Split Attack: When (model) declares a Melee or Charge action if, after its movement, its in BtB with 2+ Enemy models the player may resolve a Melee Exchange with two or more of those models. Before resolving the Melee Exchanges the Controlling player splits the model’s Melee Skill Statistic value between the Melee Exchanges with a minimum of 1 for each Melee Exchange, then resolves them in the order the Controlling player chooses. This model’s Condition only worsens after the last Melee Exchange. 

Soulless: (model) auto-succeeds all Opposed Ki and Fear tests.  

Spirit Block: When (model) inflicts wounds with a Melee or Ranged Attack, the target gains a Spirit Block marker. 

Steadfast: (model) may freely choose how to allocate dice in Melee Exchanges when Frightened. 

Steady: (model) can never become Prone.

Strong (Melee/Ranged): (model)'s Damage Rolls use 3D6 and choose the highest two dice.

Strong Mind (X): (model) gains +X to its Ki Stat when resolving Opposed Ki tests. 

Stubborn: (model) cannot declare Disengage actions.

Stupid (X): When (model) declares an action, make a Target test with a TN of X. If it fails, this model’s action ends immediately and its Condition worsens one degree.

T Edit

Tactician (X): (model) adds +X dice to its Warband's Tactical Rolls. The player may only benefit from one model’s Tactician trait each roll. 

Terror: Models that succeed a Fear test caused by (model) must reroll the test once.  

Tiny: Models Targeting (model) with a Ranged Attack add +2 to their TN of the test. 

Tireless: (model) does not become Tired or Exhausted from Melee Exchanges initiated by Enemy models’ actions. 

Toughness (X): When (model) suffers Wounds, reduce the final number suffered by -X. 

U-W Edit

Unblockable Strike: During (model)’s Melee Exchanges, the Enemy must discard its highest DEF die rolled before the final result is calculated. 

Unstable (X): (model) suffer -­X to its Move Stat when moving through Difficult Terrain. 

Weak (Melee/Ranged): When (model) makes a Damage Roll, roll 3D6 and choose the lowest two dice. 

Weak Mind (X): (model) suffers a ­-X modifier to its Ki Stat when resolving Opposed Ki tests.