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Boba is a ranged raider who lobs cannon balls at his enemies, typically employed against Armor-wearing factions (the Prefecture) where his ranged attacks are very effective.

Pros: Edit

  • Average Ranged Attack with Armor Piercing and Lightweight.
  • Assault Fire
  • Toughness (1)
  • Fear (4)

Cons: Edit

  • Below Average Melee and Aggressive
  • Impetuous
  • Needs to Reload between each Shot
  • Only Oni/shio without Consume Soul.

Synergy: Edit

Due to always being Impetuous, Boba benefits most when working along others who can go Impetuous as well. Doing so cancels the restriction of Boba being forced to act first each turn - offering your warband some more strategy.

Typically he's seen with:

Tips & Tactics: Edit

Since Boba doesn't suffer from moving as part of his Ranged attack, his threat range is a bit further than his stats suggest (7/10/13) - and even further if he uses his Ki Feat (8/12/16).

While Boba doesn't suffer a Move + Shoot Penalty, his ranged accuracy still suffers if he Runs. As such, consider having him commit a full turn to running to get into position for the turn following.