The undead forces of the Cult are recognized for being Slow, Soulless, Fear-causing minions with the ability to rise again if killed (at least half the time). While they all have Ki pools, none of them generate Ki. Instead they leach it from their allies to power their abilities.

  • Araka - an undead Oni who lobs corpses at its enemies.
  • Armored Kairai - Fallen Ashigaru whose Armor allows them even more durability then their "peers"
  • Kairai Farmer and Militia - The most basic of all Kairai. Cheap and numerous.
  • Kairai Villager - these poor victims cause nearby enemies to struggle to use their Ki efficiently
  • Kusatta Kairai - severely rotten, their inveitable death comes with a cloud of pestilence.
  • Tadao - a resurected Samurai who retains some of his former combative skill