The dishonored Ito Clan is a mockery of the Prefecture of Ryu. Their use of Poison and forbidden magic, earned from their alliance with the serpent kami Orochi, has them forgone any thought of honor. Revenge is their only drive to reclaim what was once theirs, and the venom that coats their blades also runs through their own venom. Even if they achieve victory, will the cost paid be worth the price?

Playstyle Edit

Hebi Edit

  • Akimoto (5) - This Cobra headed humanoid brings venom to his allies blades and fear to their foes.
  • Mizuki Ito (12) - 'The Gorgon', an aggressive support with currently the highest Ki generation of the Ito clan
  • Naoko (8) -
  • Taisei (8) -
  • Yuui Ito (7) -

Ito Ashigaru Edit

Ito Samurai Edit

The Samurai of the Ito are warriors equal to any the Prefecture has. Yet while the Dragon favors sturdy armor and single-strike decaptiations, the Snake prefers speed in both sword and step. Even when attacked, it is usually the Ito who delivers the initial blow.

  • Golden Sentinel (8) -
  • Itsunagi Ito (13) - Heir to the Ito, a samurai who forgoes armor and seeks the heart of his enemies.
  • Kaihime Ito (9) - The Hebi archer, swift and skilled with her bow.
  • Kenzo Ito (10) - The Hebi spearman, who almost always strikes first
  • Masunagi Ito (9) - the 'Red Death'; named for the mask that never leaves his face.
  • Satoshi (9) - The only samurai not a member of the Ito Household. His durability and spear skills have earned him his title.

Ito Shisai (the 'sss-terhood') Edit

Members of the 'sss'-terhood have a number of things in common. Poison Immunity, Blood of Orochi (1), Channel, and decent Ki gen. They are infamous for their synergy with each other - become more deadly in their ki feats when in each other's company.

  • Ayako Ito (10) - Head priestess of the sss-terhood and a member of the Ito household.
  • Sakura (7) - "Serpent mother"of the sss-terhood, able to poison foes with a glance.
  • Satsuki (7) - "fang" of the sss-terhood who intensifies the supernatural venom of the serpent Kami. 

Ito Allies Edit