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  • Cheapest 2-Ki Bakemono in game
  • All Bakemono within 5" will roll a minimum of 2 dice to resist Fear Checks (Leadership 5")

Cons Edit

  • Below Average Movement
  • Terrible MS
  • Medium sized model in a typically small horde

Synergy Edit

The drummers are the cheapest 2-Ki Bakemono in the Horde (a 75% discount compared to buying two normal Bakemono). That alone makes them an almost must have for any Bakemono Horde, but it comes with the added perk that all Bakemono within 5" gain a higher chance of succeeding fear checks than normal

Their second feat Marching Beat also works great with Tribal Brutes as it assures they will walk at least 2-4" in a turn.

Tips & Tactics Edit

The Drum of War Edit

O&O's first feat, Frenzied Rhythm, is best used if the scenario requires a more combative focus. Use on the first Turn to give all your Bakemono the ability to survive to the end of turn 2 (via Last Stand). This will assure you gain some outnumbering bonuses to take some of the meaner enemies down with you.

Move to the Music Edit

O&O's second feat, Marching Beat, is great for giving your horde a jump start forward. Used twice is the equivilant of giving your entire horde a free walk forwards.

Fuel the Pool Edit

The effectiveness of O&O's Ki Feats often ends after the first turn. On turns 2+ consider having them Focus and treat this as if it were a Pass action that gives you +2 Ki.