The stars of the Savage Wave, the Oni are devastating monsters capable of shrugging off minor injuries and taking out enemies with incredible force. They are the feared threats of this force and every warband wisely has one (or more) leading their forces to victory.

There are two types of daemons - the mature and expensive Oni, and the adolescent yet affordable Onisho.


  • Bobata - the tri-eyed "bell-ringer". A wrecking ball of damage and disorder.
  • Kemono & Ushi - the two headed slave-driver.
  • Rashka - the destroyer
  • Waka - an immature Onisho who bears a decapitated Budda head as his weapon.
  • Yusha - the beast master; typically seen leading a hunting pack of Kaihei
  • Zuba - the all-seeing, mallet wielding, Cyclops.


  • Boba - the cannon-ball lobbing berserker.
  • Kano - the tetsubo-weilding tri-clops. Almost a young version of Bobata.