Ashigaru Edit

The organized military arm of the Prefecture, their strength comes from the ability to

  • Atsushi - the tracker who seeks out objectives and hidden enemies with his dog Shinobu.
    • Shinobu - Atsushi's loyal canine companion.
  • Fujitaka - The Flag bearer who helps his allies overcome their fears and fuel their feats.
  • Goshi - Fresh recruits who help the snipers get to ideal locations.
  • Guardsmen of Ryu - Riflemen of the Ashigaru who have learned paitence is a virtue.
  • Hanso - Tactician and military leader of the Ashigaru.
  • Isamu - Hanso's second who encourages his allies to be their best.
  • Jin - An experienced yari-woman who retains calm even in the face of fear.
  • Junichi - The Horn blower rallies Ashigaru to syncronized their attacks for maximum damage.
  • Madoka - A hot-blooded Goshi who can be surprisingly dangerous for his inexperience.
  • Minuro - An experienced Guardsman, able to reload faster than his peers.
  • Ryu Yarimen - Recruits who have conquered their cowardice through paitence.
  • Takashi Houseguard - Unarmored aware warriors who keep their enemies at spear length.

Samurai Edit

Skilled warriors of impressive Martial Prowess.

  • Akio Takashi - A legendary warrior who trained all Samurai of the Takashi Clan
  • Eiji Takashi - The Samurai with the spear who makes sure his foes keep their distance
  • Genji Takashi - An great warrior, known for his ability to decapitate enemies
  • Golden Sentinel - Bodyguard of the Teishin
  • Hagane Takashi - An impressive Onna-musha, who charges and kills terrifying foes with dual katana
  • Hiro Takashi - An incredible warrior, a master of the blade and numerous sword forms
  • Katsumoto Takashi - A tactician who can rally his allies into action, or taunt enemies out of formation
  • Kenta Takashi - A fearless warrior whose refusal to fall or flee is an inspiration to his allies
  • Lady Oka - An evasive, mobile, and beautiful spear wielding Onna-musha
  • Ryoko-Sha - A samurai with the power to manipulate time itself!
  • Takashi Retainer - Devoted protectors of the Takashi household.
  • Takashi Samurai - An adolescent Samurai, yet to finalize their training and have their name recognized.

Allies Edit

  • Bikou - Ninja of the Prefecture.
  • Daisuke - The Prefecture's Medic
  • Kioshi Madoko - A counciler of great wisdom
  • Matsu Takashi - The Prefecture's Shugenga. Twin sister of Mizuchi, the prefecture's Dragon.
  • Mikio - The Prefecture's Jumo wrestler.
  • Mizuchi - The Prefecture's Dragon. Once the twin brother of Matsu, now a force of nature!
  • Shuichi - A Michi Priest who cleanses allies of lingering ailments
  • Takashi, Ancestor - Kami of the Prefecture. It lends its life-force to aid allies and collects it as they fall.
  • Tenichi - A member of the Seishin na Goei, yet devoted to defend the people of the Prefecture.
  • The Grey Pilgrim - A fellow Seishin na Goei who weilds the power of lightning through her bisento.
  • Yukio Koshimori - Envoy of the Emperor. When he speaks, his audience listens.