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Awaken the Warrior Edit

With +4 Strength, Strong and the ability to gain Brutal (2), its very plausable that Rashka can kill an enemy each turn. The extra +1 MS only last until the turn ends, but it will compensate for him becoming Exhausted - keeping him at his sold 3 MS most rounds.

Prowess of the Consumed Edit

A great benefit to Rashka. If he can move into Melee with two enemy targets, he can use -2 Ki to re-roll one dice in each attack he performs against each target (since its effect lasts till the action ends - regardless of how many attacks he performs during that action).

Spirit of the Consumed Edit

Giving Rashka 3-Ki per turn (or 4-5 with Oni Rage) will let him fuel his Ki-feats often. Using this extra Ki to use Crushing Blow with Prowess of the Consumed (since this and the above are both Stackable) means he can re-roll the single attack dice he assigns to each of two targets and add +2 to the result of each.

Unearthly Rage Edit

This event is explosively powerful on Rashka, and given it can be purchased multiple times means he can potentially have Unblockable Strike for three turns every game (or, if working alongside other Oni, assign it to a peer if needed).

Synergy Edit

As Rashka causes Stunned, used with Tra-Peng can keep one enemy suffering a -1 MS for almost the whole game (or until Rashka kills them - in which case you can assign the debuff elsewhere).

Rashka can also cause Prone. Have him work along side a Kaihei pack and your fallen foes will be shredded.

Weakness Edit

Rashka may have First Strike with Knockback, but there are ways around this:

  • Send in a model and commit everything to defense. If you can avoid the knockback, Rashka will loose his First Strike and suffer outnumbered(-1 MS) when you send in a second attacker.
  • Take him by Surprise as First Strike does not trigger to this.

Inevitably Rashka is just one model with only two activations. Tie him up with high defense models and, as always, focus on your objectives.