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The Largest of all Bakemono, Rinsho is designed to be a front-line fighter fueled by the Ki of the Horde to both take and deal damage.

Pros Edit

  • Is Fearless against Small or Medium enemies. Brave against Medium, Large, and Huge enemies.
  • Damage dealing appears on par with Kano, but is superior as it has a larger Ki pool to boost its MS

Cons Edit

  • Hyper Regeneration has to be used when Rinsho is the active model, but its effect only occurs in the End Phase - requiring timing and luck for the Ki spent to not be wasted.
  • Rinsho is at its best when wounded, but its Regeneration can fix its beneficial injury.
  • Is one of the few threats in a Bakemono horde.

Synergy Edit

Like any Bakemono, Rinsho benefits when supported by a Horde of its peers for the Ki generation.

When Rinsho is going for a kill, do your best to help it out. Use Tra-Peng to Stun the target

Tips & Tactics Edit

  • Rinsho is a frontline fighter with its Armor, Fear, and high Wounds. Furthermore it gains a free Combo Attack and Fear 4+ once it has taken 1 wound. Get it in combat and injured ASAP.
  • With decent defenses, Rinsho can be a great tarpit. Use it to tie up enemies while the rest of the Horde secure your objectives.
  • Enemies who know Rinsho may aim to avoid hurting it to favor killing its Horde. As such it may be up to you to engage the enemies to tie them up. However this can also make Rinsho a good choice for your VIM.
  • Aim to activate Rinsho late in the turn if possible so you can decide if you need to activate Hyper Regeneration to heal 4 wounds instead of 2. Just make sure it doesn't full heal or you will loose your benefits.
  • Rinsho may only be on a 30mm base, but counts as being a Large model. This will penalize its ranged defense, but will benefit it in other ways.