For years the Bakemono hid from the eyes of man. In doing so they faded from memory to be mere ghost stories. However while man forgot, the Bakemono merely waited.

Now the great Oni warriors have returned to seek new challenge and test their bloodlust. And as they seek bloody glory, the Bakemono strike from the shadows to use this Savage Wave to reclaim the land from the human filth.

Oni Edit

These massive warriors are recognized for the massive damage output - able to kill weaker enemies in one hit and use their Rage to fuel their fighting prowess. Yet only a fool would consider them mindless brutes. Knowing when to unleash their bloodlust is part of mastering these ogres.

  • Bobata - the tri-eyed "bell-ringer". A wrecking ball of damage and disorder.
  • Kemono & Ushi - the two headed slave-driver.
  • Rashka - the destroyer, a juggernaught of muscle who lives for
  • Waka - an mature Onisho who weilds a decapitated Budda head as his weapon.
  • Yusha - the beast master; typically seen leading a hunting pack of Kaihei
  • Zuba - the all-seeing, mallet wielding, Cyclops.

Onisho Edit

  • Boba (8) - the cannon-ball lobbing berserker.
  • Goro (10) - an armour-clad Onishio who pulls no pushes with his dual cleavers.
  • Kano (8) - the tetsubo-weilding tri-clops. Almost a young version of Bobata.

Bakemono Edit

These goblin-like creatures are weak individually - yet their power grows exponentially with their numbers. Learning to master the Horde is key to maximizing their effectiveness.

Allies Edit

  • Oni Slave - Expendable human forced to fight their own
    • Jun - A madended human slave who seeks to please his masters, even if it costs his life
  • Taisho Tenbatsu - A Ronnin seeking forbidden power, ally to the Cult and the Savage Wave.