Bakemono Cards Edit

Ambush (X) Edit

During your deployment, X Bakemono gain Flank

Bones of Power (1) Edit

The Bakemono Shugenja who has this attached gains the following Ki Feat:

  • Channel Will: X non-Exhausted Bakemono within 3" have their conditions worsened by one degree. This Shugenja gains Force of Will (X) till the end of turn. X cannot be greater than 3.

Cavern Hole (2) - Terrain Edit

During deployment place a 40mm Clear, Difficult terrain base on the field. Any friendly Bakemono summoned by "Summoned From the Darkness" may be placed BtB with this terrain instead of a friendly Bakemono.

Ghost Heart Mushrooms (1) Edit

Idol of the Deep (2) - Terrain Edit

Nightblood Mushrooms (1) Edit

Poisoned Weapons (1) Edit

Oni Cards Edit

Awaken the Warrior (1; Stackable) Edit

Prowess of the Consumed (1; Stackable) Edit

This Oni may spend -2 Ki to gain Martial Prowess (1) until the current action is resolved.

Knowledge of the Consumed (1; Stackable) Edit

This Oni may spend -2 Ki to gain, until the end of turn, either:

  • Iron Mind (1)
  • Force of Will (1)
  • Leadership 6"

Summon Rage (1; Stackable; Multiple = Unlimited) Edit

Unearthly Rage (1; Event; Multiple = 3) Edit

General Cards Edit

Cloud of Bats (1) Edit

Once Per Game, creates a card of Obscuring/ Normal Terrain for the turn. Models within this cannot use:

  • Channel
  • Focus
  • Special Attacks/ Defenses

Shield of the Spirits (1: Stackable) Edit