Playstyle Edit

Elite, well-trained, well-armed, warriors who typically act in groups of 3 (though can operate in groups as large as 5) the Ninja are masters of movement and stealth. No faction utilizes terrain as well as they do as, once in hidden in cover, they are very hard to engage or keep them locked in combat.

The Kage Kaze are also noted for their attachments, which all have Stackable. This allows huge customization by being able to choose not only who will be part of a warband, but also how each one will be armed.

Weakness Edit

The Ninja have three notable weaknesses. First, their forces are expensive which results in small numbers. Because of this they struggle in Area-of-control scenarios, are frequently at an activation disadvantage, and need to act with caution - the death of just one model will reduce the strength of their warband by 20-33%.

Second, they are quite fragile with only 6 Wd's and Armor (1), and must rely on Camouflage to survive. Because of these they are somewhat vulnerable to enemies with Sixth Sense (who ignore Camouflage outright). They also have some issue dealing with enemies with First Strike due to having no innate means to recover their injuries, though this can be mitigate with a Surprise attack (which will benefit them from having the Assassin trait).

Ninja Edit

  • Bikou
  • Ghost - A paitent, yet swift, warrior who bypasses his enemies with ease.
  • Katsumi - "The Victorious" occupies multiple opponents in melee so his allies may move unhindered.
  • Kerasu - "The Crow"; the Clan's true killer, willing to sacrifice his own life to end his enemies.
  • Kouhei - "The Fairness" watches her foes before ending with a thrown kunai to their spine
  • Rin - "The Dignified" keeps numerous enemies engaged with underhanded tactics.
  • Shizuka - "The Silent"; an evasive Kunoichi who roams the field securing objectives for her team.
  • Yuto - "The Distant"; a tactical genius who distracts and confuses his enemies