The serpent priestess' have a number of things in common. Poison Immumity, Blood of Orochi (1), Channel, and decent Ki generation (Ki = 2/8). Predominantly ranged-Ki support units, the ssss-terhood has a special synergy with each other via their Unique Effect - increasing their psychic venom potential while the girls all remain alive.

  • Ayako Ito (10) - Head priestess of the sssterhood and a member of the Ito household.
  • Sakura (7) - The "serpent mother", able to poison foes with a glance as her 'children' protect her.
  • Satsuki (7) - The 'fang' of the three, her gift intensifies the supernatural venom of the serpent Kami. 
  • Kazuhiko (4) - Not a priestess (nor a woman) but devoted to prove his divine loyalty to Orochi at any cost.