• Honoko - the animal handler who joins her beasts in attacking enemy animals
  • Kyoaku-Han - Thugs with no hesitation to play dirty
  • Kyoaku-Han Crossbow Men - Armed with repeater crossbows, these thugs are excellent at kiting foes.
    • Wasupu - An experienced crossbow user who can unload his entire clip in a single round
  • Nomi - This evasive boy is an excellent objective seeker and spotter
  • Senpu - A sword weilding thug able to parry arrows and other ranged attacks
  • Sukoshi Kani - This evasive girl brings a bag of caltrops to create a lasting environmental hazard
  • Sukuratachi - An experiences animal handler who encourages his beasts to fight beyond death
  • Tsubaki - The youngest Rose who blinds her victims at range

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