Monks Edit

  • Master Akari - This Tanuki may be small but his martial prowess is worthy of his title Master.
  • Master Ekusa - Upon his tortoise (Kami Sam), Master Ekusa guides his students.
  • Master Po - This rotund figure is far more nimble and powerful than his appearance suggests.
  • Aiko - The Child Monk, blessed by the Kami to empower her allies with divine power.
    • Gorilla - Brutishly powerful, the sworn guardian of Aiko barrels into combat.
  • Kenko - Monk of Stone, Kenko bravely takes on multiple foes and fights to keep them occupied.
  • Koji - Monk of Monkeys. Quick to escape conflict and, when working aside his monkey allies, is capable of doing surprising amounts of damage.
    • Koji's Pack - The Monkey Minions of Koji - their simultaneous activation rapidly tires their victim of choice.
  • Hotaru - Monk of Fire, this "Firfly" occupies her foes by setting them alight
  • Riku - Monk of Water, able to summon and maintain an obstructing wall of water
  • Seiji - Monk of Wood,
  • Suchiro - Monk of Metal,
  • Yumi - Monk of Air, Yumi is a counter-strike master; even bullets fired her way quickly return to sender

Non-Monks Edit

  • Atsuko - Armed with a Rich-Threasher and Hope, this Bodyguard helps adjust the failed rolls of his allies.
  • Ichiro - Armed with a scythe and his Faith, this Bodyguard helps reduce the Ki costs of his allies
  • Kitsune (girl) - A fox spirit in humanoid form; master of counter-attacks and raid tactics
    • Kitsune (fox) - the fox form of Kitsune; incredibly swift and evasive
  • Shisa - A pair of animated Statues; slow but Possibly the most durable miniature(s) in the game.
  • Kawa No Rojin
  • Kintaru
  • Minor Kami of Air
  • Minor Kami of Earth
  • Minor Kami of Fire
  • Minor Kami of Water
  • Ashinaga Tenaga
  • The Grey Pilgrim
  • Sojobo
  • Hisao
  • Fisherman of Rokan
  • Tsutsumi

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