Monks Edit

The Masters Edit

The most powerful protectors of temple are the Masters.

  • Master Akari (11) - a swift tanuki, whose speed and evasiveness make him hard to pin.
  • Master Ekusa (11) - the meditative master, his presence provides his warband incredible synergy.
  • Master Enos (11) - the "ki-killer", sole keeper of a forbidden and fatal martial technique.
  • Master Po (12) - the martial buddha who uses his rotund form to deliver explosive strikes.

The Students Edit

  • Aiko (4) - Monk of Blessing; this child helps her allies by granting them the powers of the elementals.
    • The Guardian (7) - A powerful Gorilla who obey the orders of the Child Monk Aiko.
  • Hotaru (6) - Monk of Flame; the 'firefly' whose uses her Ki to ignites the air and burn her targets.
  • Kenko (9) - Monk of Stone; explosively powerful, able to tense his muscles to deal or ignore injury.
  • Kira (6) -
  • Koji (5) - Monk of Monkeys; Koji leads and helps his pack of primates take enemies down.
    • Koji's Pack (1**) - a monkey trio who aid their 'alpha' (Koji) and tie up enemies in mischief.
  • Riku (8) - Monk of Water; able to form a wave from the air itself and use it to wash foes away.
  • Seiji (7) - Monk of Wood; this apprentice uses nature to entangle his foes and heal his wounds.
  • Suchiro (10) - Monk of Iron; the most powerful students - stubborn to fall, strong in his strike.
  • The Grey Pilgrim (10) - A Seishin na Goei who wields the power of lightning through her bisento.
  • Tsutsumi (7) - Monk of Music; a musician whose tunes can inspire allies or distract enemies.
  • Yuuki (8) - Monk of Light; swift as a breeze, savage as a huricane
  • Yumi (9) - Monk of Air; her agility and grace discourage enemies ranged attacks at her and her allies.

Peasants Edit

  • Atsuko - A somewhat cowardly rice farmer who helps his allies recover from injury and affliction
  • Hisao - A wise old farmer who inspires others to act, be their best, and overcome affliction
  • Kaito - A field worker who breaks the land in preparation of dealing with his foes
  • Kintaru - A keen eyed wanderer who helps his allies avoid ambushes
  • Rokan Fishermen (*) - Nimble workers who strike their enemies at range with their fishing lures
  • Rokan Rice Farmer (*) - Supportive farmers, eager to aid and protect the Monks of the temple

Kami Edit

Allies Edit

  • Ashinaga Tenaga (8) - An odd (pair of) Yokai who inspire the Ro-Kan Peasants act with greater efficiency
  • Kawa No Rojin (8) - A powerful Buffalo who bring good fortune to its allies - especially the Peasants.
  • Kitsune (9) - A shapechanging Yoki, able to move as a nimble fox, or fight with flurry of blades as a female
  • Kyuubi (10) - A male Kitsune. Unable to change form but savagely vicious; especially against magic users
  • Oki Shisa (11) - A sizable stone lion that uses the Ki of its allies to deal incredible injury
  • Shisa (10) - A pair of animated guardian statues with a symbiotic link. Devoted to defend the Temple.
  • Sojobo (13) - A tengu monk warrior