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The winged warriors

  • Buzenbo - The Winged Archer
  • Hokibo - Mightiest Samurai Warrior of the Tengu
  • Kotenbo - A defiant swordsman who refuses to fall
  • Naigubu - Great Sage of the Tengu whose understanding of Ki equals that of Master Ekusa.
  • Ryuhobo - The Lesser (but still mighty) Tengu Sage who heals, clenses, and co-ordinates his warband.
  • Sanjakubo - A mystical weaver of fate, wind, and lightning
  • Scouts of the Blue Gale - Nimble ranger
    • Tarobo - Lead Scout of the Blue Gale
  • Zephyr Guard - Spear wielding warriors who force their foes back to pole-arm length
    • Zenkibo - An experienced Zephyr Guard who has learned to avoid enemy attacks

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