Bakemono Edit

  • The Bakemono (4-Rice) - Standard Bakemono warriors that attack in numbers.
  • Okina and Oto (5-Rice) - the Bakemono drummers, their beat motivate their kin.
  • Tra-Peng (5-Rice) - The Bakemono "Trapper".
  • Tribe Brutes (5-Rice) - Durable and Dumb, these thugs help keep the Bakemono group protected.
  • Uk Kang (6-Rice) - Bodyguard and Bakemono Bruiser. A heroic Tribal Brute.
  • Wu-Zang (7-Rice) - The Father of Shadows, this shugenja can curse victims with failure or poison their minds to destroy their bodies.
  • Zang-Fu (6-Rice) - Another Goblin Shugenja, he shapes darkness to restrict enemy movement and limit their Ki use.

Onisho Edit

  • Boba (8-Rice) - This immature oni lobs his cannon ball arsenal as he rushes into Melee
  • Kano (8 Rice) - This tri-clops strikes his foes with powerful force, leaving them dazed.

Oni Edit

  • Bobata (13-Rice) - The Bell Ringer. Armed with a temple bell, Bobata stuns his foes
  • Kemono and Ushi (15-Rice) - The Savage and Sadistic. The two headed Oni Tyrant; each bringing advantages to the field
  • Waka (9-Rice) - The Rampager. Bearing the head of a Budda Statue, this young Oni Executer has an unsatable bloodlust.
  • Yusha (11-Rice) - The Vindictive. He drives his Kaihei pack before him towards his enemies.
  • Zuba (13-Rice) - The All Seeing. A tactical minded cyclops whose mighty hammer can launch his enemies or shake the ground with intense force.

Alies Edit

  • Giant Cave Bat (7 Rice) - this bloodthirsty beast feeds on the vitae of its victims to recover itself.
  • Jun (4-Rice) - A madly devoted human Slave of the Oni, willing to die so his masters may live.
  • Kaihei (9-Rice) -
  • Nian (10-Rice) - the Oni Hound. This daemonic beast happily obeys its mighty masters to hunt their prey
  • Oni Slave (3-Rice) - Beaten to submission, these Humans are forced to fight their fear and former friends.
  • Taisho Tenbatsu (13-Rice) - A "daemonic" samurai who found forbidden power among the Oni