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Okina and Oto are great in any Bakemono Horde, but especially when working along side Tribal Brutes and Uk Kang. Using Marching Beat twice will assure that these Stupid models will have traveled at least 4" on turn 1 (provided you have the Ki for it).

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Hotei's Blessing Edit

Being able to re-roll 1's for a single turn is very useful for a lot of Stupid models (means their chance of failing is increased from 1/6 to 1/36). Use that turn of "intelligence" to get your Brutes into position on turn 1.

Hotei's Coin Edit

For the same cost of a Blessing, the Coin gives almost a game-long passive effect to a single model. Being able to re-roll 1's of any test is really useful to pass that Stupid test, and in the late game you can use it a bit more recklessly for combat rolls. Just remember though that while you may only fail the Stupid test 1-in-36, should it happen you loose that benefit for the whole game.

Ambush Edit

Ambush costs as much as Hotei's Coin/ Blessing, but can be useful in scenarios such as Reikan where you just need your VIM to stand near the enemy deployment. Unfortunately you need to declare which edge your flanking Tribal VIM is comming from, so a wise enemy can prepare for their arrival and ambush your ambusher!

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Stationary Victory Points Edit

Brutes are a defensive tool designed to get to a location and secure it. Use Okina and Oto, and Hotei's Blessing to position them where you need and let them sit there. This makes them great for scenarios such as Ryodo

Let the Come... Edit

Declaring a Brute to Attack as its stupidity can waste the action and tire the model. Instead, once the Brutes are in place, leave them to activate LAST in the turn. If an enemy attacks them, they will be able to attack back.

If the enemy has finished all their activations and the Brutes are rested/ tired with an enemy within range, you can consider attempting to attack then (the target will be at -1 MS for being exhausted afterall). But only do so if it doesn't cost you a VP. The game is about securing those - not killing off your enemies.

Every Drop Counts Edit

If the Brutes are securing your VP and have nothing else to do at a turn's end, consider having them attempt to focus. Should it succeed, that an extra +1 Ki you have for the following turn.

Part of the Thousand Eyes Edit

Brutes are Bakemono, which means if you are running the Thousand Eyes Theme list and an enemy is engaged with a Brute, you can have a different Bakemono attack the enemy and be able to gain "Co-Ordinated Attack".