Only the shrewdest and cruellest Sho-Bakemono survive to become a Hexer. Wu-Zang manipulates the fates, cursing opponents before disappearing into the shadows.

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  • All Ki Feats are non-movement; requiring you to get in position before using them.

Synergy: Edit

  • Wu-Zang is a Bakemono with a Ki of 2, so naturally he is a great option for a Bakemono horde.
  • Curse Fate is a powerful Ki feat which can cripple powerful warriors and make them very vulnerable to your Horde's attacks.

Tips & Tactics Edit

Spells from the Shadows Edit

With Camoflage 4" and long-ranged Ki Feats, Wu-Zang is defensively at his best when at least 1" in cover from the enemy. Also since he cannot use his Ki feats as part of an action that he moves, you should consider his playstyle to be similar to that of a sniper - using one action to get into position, and the second action to make the shot

Curse Fate Edit

Wu-Zang's greatest weapon is Curse Fate, and it should be his priority to cast this each turn. Getting an SL of 5+ on a target with this is devistating as they will only be able to get an SL of 1 on all their dice-pools until the turn ends - and that includes defensive rolls (now would be the time to start dropping damage on them).

Even if it only gets an SL of 2, the effect will almost halve the effectiveness of the victim's Dice Pools for that turn. Enemies who have been hit with this are very grateful it can only be used once per turn.

Secondary Spells Edit

Cursed Fate should be Wu-Zang's main spell, but should he have no need to reposition then his other two spells are worth considering.

  • Psychic Venom only causes Poison, but does cause the target to suffer -1 Wd at the end of the turn (if you use 3 Ki) or a total of -3 Wd's over two turns (if you use 5 Ki) which can be great for picking off targets near death. Its range is shorter than his other two spells at 8", yet thats still 1/3rd the board's length!
  • Grasp of Darkness is very circumstantual and takes a strong backseat to the other two. However it can be a useful backup to hit a target that managed to resist Cursed Fate.