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Vial of Raijin Breath is a great attachment for Zuba as it allows the cyclops a 14" Flying charge for the turn it is discarded. Get Zuba to the middle of the board on turn 1, and you should have ample selection for who to kill on turn 2.

Elixir of Vigor is an equally appealing attachment for Zuba - allowing you to walk once (and even make a ranged attack) prior making your charge to setup the attack, or even take an action after the charge such as a simple interaction with an objective.

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  • If you have a charge lined up for the next turn, use Oni Rage to get the ki to gain Tactician for the turn to increase the chances of gaining initiative and killing your target.
  • Zuba's ranged attack is frequently forgotten as it does no damage, but its ability to cause Prone shouldn't be ignored. If you are going to walk, you may as well attempt the ranged attack in the process.
  • Your charge may do a lot of damage, but against durable enemies it will still only do -1 Wound. Make sure you know which targets can resist your bull rush and engage them with only normal melee strikes.
  • Identify Slow enemies. If you don't believe you can kill them in one strike, use your knockback to prevent them retaliating against you.